About Us


Katie and Vikram love food.

Katie's family experimented with her Oma’s recipes nasi goreng, meatball soup, and even homemade Irish cream evolving and making them their own in the process. Vikram's parents brought all the recipes from home –like mango pickle, chai spice, and rotli – and mixed them with the new foods in the US. The two friends were always sharing food - swapping jars of pickles like Katie’s dad’s cucamelons for Vikram’s mom’s green tomato pickle. But why only swap food between two people, when there were so many flavors that could be shared with folks around the world. 


Our first stop is hot sauce. An entire aisle known for it's heat and thin red color, it lacks flavor, pop, punch and yummy-factor. Hot, hotter than hot, burn your mouth off hot,  none of it reflects the diversity of ingredients and flavor that need to come with that heat. 


And thus Smaak was born - bringing spice spice baby to forefront and giving back to the communities they originated from.